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Fund Management    

Portfolio Management (Discretionary & Advisory)

  • Have outperformed the benchmarks.
  • Wide and diverse client base across the GCC.
  • Invests in assets across the GCC and MENA region.


Vision’s key investment philosophy is to leverage its rich experience of detailed research and understanding of the GCC stock markets. We invest in companies which we believe can provide a long term sustainable value for our investors and shareholders. We also like special situations (mergers, spin-offs, etc.) and situations where markets’ understanding of the business model (or growth opportunity) is decidedly different from ours. Effectively, Vision’s investment philosophy translates into an investment strategy which aims at investing in securities which are trading at prices well below their intrinsic worth.

Our portfolio managers and analysts spend considerable time in following news updates, reviewing external research, meeting company management and debating investment merits. We strongly believe these investments compound over time to make incremental decision making more judicious, which over time benefits our clients directly through superior portfolio performance. Being in the market for the last 20 years gives us substantial experience in forecasting situations and taking educated decisions as we have come across many economic cycles.

The unprecedented crises (IT bubble in early 2000s, Saudi equities bubble, 2008 financial crisis, Arab Spring, Sovereign debt issues, etc.) that we have seen since we started our asset management activities in early 2000s, has resulted in a steeper learning curve for us in the space of understanding risk/return dynamics.

These macro developments in addition to fast changing industry dynamics have introduced an element of dynamism in our thinking and investment approach. Our superior performance track record since inception of our asset management operations in 2002 bears testimony to the robustness of our investment philosophy.

At Vision we have always believed that asset management industry is all about people and ideas and accordingly great care is taken to ensure that we have a team that is highly competent, both in terms of experience and professional qualification. Our core asset management team (managers and analysts) have a combined experience of 120 years with exposure to various asset classes and markets.

Our strategies take advantage of our investment professionals’ deep experience and regional reach to deliver strong, consistent results for our clients. We are privileged to service a diverse clientele that include:

  • Pension Funds
  • Government & Semi Government Corporations
  • Institutional Funds
  • High Net Worth Individuals